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Founder Michelle Laing

Michelle has a BA in Child and Youth Studies, as well as SVQ 3 in Health and Social Care. Michelle has a lengthy career in the Social Care sector, managing a House of Multiple Occupancy. Additionally, Michelle spent a number of years supporting young people and their families within the local community and supporting children and adults with additional needs. Her knowledge and experience surrounding cognitive development led her to create

The Sensory Bubble .

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"Virtual reality immersion without a headset"

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Worlds first fully immersive projection system

A company established in the latter part of 2021, our aim is to produce a focused experience to inspire and stimulate individuals. We deliver this through the power of the virtual reality projector, catering to a host of sensory and developmental needs.

"The Sensory Bubble"

Our sessions employ a different kind of sensory experience, created within the comfort of your home or facility. We have a vast library of vibrant HD and 4K videos, all with accompanying music, allowing us to transport you anywhere imaginable. Our sessions are specifically designed to stimulate, relax and offer a sense of escapism. We strive to create a space where the use of music and visual stimulation, not only helps to increase levels of concentration, but also provides a social space to interact with others.. Sensory stimulation can improve self-esteem, wellbeing and the individuals’ overall mood. Our ‘bubble’ provides the perfect atmosphere for movement, fun, engagement and learning.


"What sensory can do for you"

• This visual experience will not only provide entertainment but will also aid in promoting cognitive, social and emotional development.


• Sensory stimulation has been proven to increase mood, improve cognitive function, evoke memories, reduce pain and also create a sense of calm.


• Concentration can be increased and sensory stimulation can also reduce depression and anxiety. This can lead to greater participation in social activities.

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