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Activities which engage the senses are becoming more common now within care environments. At The Sensory Bubble we understand that such activities are 

What senior sensory can do for you .....

Our sessions employ a different kind of sensory experience, created within the comfort of your home or facility.

The Sensory Bubble can be used as an aid to promote physical and mental stimulation.

All of our sessions include 360 degree visual projections, alongside accompanying music and tactile items to make the session fully immersive. 

We have a vast library of vibrant HD and 4K videos, all with accompanying music, allowing us to transport you anywhere imaginable.

Our sessions are specifically designed to stimulate, relax and offer a sense of escapism.

These sessions are not only entertaining, but they also aid in promoting cognitive, social, and emotional development.  Sensory stimulation has been proven to increase mood, improve cognitive function, evoke memories, reduce pain, and also create a sense of calm.

Concentration can be increased, and sensory stimulation has been seen to reduce depression and anxiety.  This can lead to enhanced interactions and greater participation in social activities.   In turn, leading to improved self-esteem, wellbeing and overall mood. 

All sessions can be tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.  Contact us for further information and to book a session. 


"Total 360 degree 

immersive experience"

Vivid colours and patterns, synced to calming classical music.



Ability to set up in any room provided it is able to be darkened.

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Cognitive stimulation has been seen to improve communication, memory, confidence and well-being


Creating a safe space with no other focus that to allow your mind to wander. Promoting a sense of inner calm and wellbeing

Dementia in senior people. Memory loss. Awareness of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, str
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Mental wellbeing

Tailored sensory sessions to reduce both anxiety and depression

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